Different Styles of Knives

Knives have been around since the beginning of man. In fact, the first cavemen utilized knives to survive.  The knife has survived thousands of years as we still use them today. It is amazing how an item as simple as the knife can be a staple in the human race from the beginning of time. Now of course, over those years knives have evolved and thus taking on many different shapes, sizes and utilitarian functions. Today we even have multi-tools; which are many different knives built into one tool, if only cavemen could see these beautifully crafted devices today. Some of the different types of knives that you can see on the market today are throwing knives, multi-tool knives, kitchen knives and survival knives.

First up is the throwing knife. Really, if you think about it, the throwing knife is a modification from the throwing spear or hunting spear which was used by early humans as well. The throwing spear would have been used for hunting in the early days which is a stark contrast to what our throwing knives of today are used for. I suppose throwing knives could be used as a weapon; however most people use throwing knives as a sport, much like throwing darts. There are even throwing knife competitions in which the elite knife throwing professionals compete. If you’ve never seen a throwing knife, they look a lot like a dagger; elongated with a prominent handle. Some of the best throwing knives are balanced and lightweight yet durable. They definitely need to be durable as you are likely to be throwing them into a wooden block of some sort and they will be striking hard surfaces repeatedly. Needless to say, the throwing knife has earned a category of its own in the world of knives.Throwingknives


As mentioned earlier, the multi-tool is really many knives in one. Most multi-tools even have screw drivers, scissors, files and many other useful hand tools all on board. The multi-tool is super useful to all the tradesmen out there which are working on various different pieces of equipment every day. Multi-tools also come in handy in many different recreational sports like fishing, cycling, and hunting. There has even been multi-tools which were developed specifically to assist in the every day operations of someone in the tactical field such as military personnel. As you’ll see while researching on the internet, the best multi-tool is the multi-tool which fits the needs of the user. In other words, a tactical person will want the multi-tool which has tools specifically for working on certain types of weaponry, whereas someone who is an avid fisherman will want a multi-tool which has a good set of pliers and a hook to cut through fishing line. The good news is, there is definitely a multi-tool for everyone regardless of what their interest may be.

It sounds strange to hear it today as kitchen knives are an everyday household item, but at one point in time no one had a kitchen knife; at least not in the sense that we know them today. The kitchen knife has come a long way to the point that they even carry a sort of prestige in the kitchen. You can definitely tell this as one of the most popular wedding gifts nowadays is a kitchen cutlery set. Some kitchen knifes aren’t even made out of the traditional stainless steel that most people are accustomed to, instead a ceramic which is said to keep its edge longer.

Last but not least is the many different types of knives today is the survival knife. Made much more popular by all the reality TV shows, the survival knife is relatively new on the knife scene. For example, Bear Grylls has his own line of survival knifes which are available for purchase at many big box shopping stores, all made possible via his reality TV survival program. Survival knives are a utilitarian knife built to offer many function, yet not quite a multi-tool. Most survival knives come with a dual blade to accommodate many different cutting situation you might encounter when out in the wilderness. However, most survival knives are rather bulky, not making them ideal for an every day carry knife. On the other hand, you will appreciate that bulkiness when you are trying to accomplish more “heavy duty” tasks out in the wilderness.

As you can see the knife of the early days has evolved quite a bit. Now available is countless different variations of that same item the first humans used to survive. From knives used solely in the kitchen to knives meant to conquer anything in the wild, the knife has undergone many transformations and likely will continue to undergo many more transformations in the coming years.