Our New Sliding Gate System

When you have a business, you do anything you can to protect it. This is why virtually all businesses, whether they are big or small, have security cameras and guards who watch over every part of them. When you are in our business of selling watches, it takes a lot more to protect the inventory, especially since some of them sell for quite a bit of money. For that reason and to give us all the protection we need, we have searched high and low to find our new sliding gate system.

Protecting Inventory

Watch Protection BoxWhen you have some watches that are worth more than a grand and others that are several hundred, you do not want to risk having them stolen. If they are taken in that way, not only do you lose money, but someone can sell them and make profits for themselves. It is a double kick in the gut that we personally do not enjoy the idea of. We have locks on the doors and the watch cases, we have security cameras inside and out of the watches, but we still felt unsecure when we closed up the store and went home for the evening. What would we do if cameras and stuff were to be turned off because of a power outage or something? What would happen if someone chose to break the glass on a window? Locks can only do so much. We then decided to up our game and go further to protect our inventory.

Steps Taken

Locking Box For WatchesIt isn’t only our watches that we want to protect, but everyone who works inside the store because a robbery can happen at any time. We have bullet proof glass installed on all of the windows and doors. We have heavy duty safes that most of the inventory is kept in, except for a watch of each type for display purposes. Our display cases are also shatter resistant and locked at all times. We have even upgraded the outside of our store so that when we are not in the store, everything can be locked up. A large fence around the store and a gate that uses a sliding gate track that can be locked securely and closely monitored by video cameras. No one is able to come in without being seen and the alarm system makes it possible for police to be on the scene before a potential robber can escape.

Sliding Gate Explained

Safety Success

Since installing a gate that we can control and lock as we see fit and having windows that we do not have to worry about breaking, we have been able to rest easier. We have been able to go home at the end of a long day and relax knowing that the store is safe from all potential threats. It has helped us in so many ways that go beyond what we considered possible before doing it. It is something that we recommend for all businesses, not just those that have watches to watch over.