The Ultimate Man Cave

When my wife and I found out that our third child was indeed another girl, I made the executive decision to turn my garage into a man cave. One guy stuck in a house with four women is enough to drive any man insane. I needed to be able to escape the mood swings and tears and gossip sessions and relish in all of my manly hobbies. I figured the project itself would give me an escape itself. Surprisingly though, it was a fairly simple project and didn’t take nearly as long as I thought (or hoped) it would.


The first thing I did was clear out the crap. I didn’t want all of my junk lying about, reminding me that I should be working and not relaxing in my humble abode. I wanted my room to be a place I could relax, watch football and play poker with the guys when we managed to squeeze in a guy’s night. That was one project I had put off for a long time so it felt good to finally clean the garage out. I made a promise to never again let my garage become a room that just accumulates junk.

After I cleared my room out, it was time to decorate it. In order for it to really be a man cave, you need light up beer signs and “gone fishin’” posters right? I decided to hit up some local yard sales and see what kind of treasures I could find without spending much money. Turns out, a lot of people’s trash really is another’s treasure. I managed to fill up my man cave with just a day’s worth of yard sale hopping. I picked up a Miller Lite neon light, some old crab traps to go on the wall, some quintessential man cave posters, and even a nice table that would come in handy later.

The most expensive part of building my man cave came down to the electronics. Isn’t that always how it works? I wanted a big screen TV so that I could invite the guys over for football and Nascar races. However, I wasn’t keen on spending over $1,000 (my wife wasn’t either). I decided to wait until Black Friday in hopes of getting a good deal. While I will never ever show up to Walmart at midnight on Black Friday again, it was worth it just the one time for a killer deal on a TV. However, a TV is really worthless without some great speakers. Lucky for me, I have an amazing wife and kids and they surprised me with some Bose outdoor speakers for Christmas, which really made my life complete. Not only do they sound amazing with music or the game, but I never have to worry about the elements damaging them. It was just what I need and I didn’t even know it.

Are you still wondering what my plans were for that table I picked up at the yard sale? Well, that was my last big project to complete my man cave. It was the last piece of the puzzle to create my own little oasis in my very own home. With the very inexpensive table I picked up at the yard sale, I built my very own poker table for guy’s nights. It was a fun project that I managed to complete over the course of a weekend. I found step-by-step instructions on YouTube and it cost me nearly nothing.

I get tons of compliments on my man cave and even my married friends now look for an escape to come join me and watch the game. We have our monthly poker nights the first Saturday of every month which also gives the women their time to shop or take the kids out for the day. My wife has even become a big proponent of the man cave. Sometimes I think she prefers for me to hang out there. I always come back much more relaxed and ready to tackle life’s obstacles.

Do you have a room in your house that never gets used? Do you have a room that has just become a “junk drawer” where you throw everything you no longer have use for and don’t want to look at anymore? Consider turning it into your own man cave. I have to admit it was a fun project to work on, but enjoying the results are even better. And to top it off, I spent under $1000 to get it just the way I wanted.